Friday, June 8, 2007

June Art Walk!

This month's McMinnville Art and Wine Walk will be on Saturday, June 16th, on and around 3rd Street, the charming heart of Mac. :^)

Click HERE to see the participating locations on a Google map.

Information for Artists

Someone just asked me what it takes to show at the Mac ArtWalk (*ahem* "McMinnville Art & Wine").
There's no jury selection process: just set it up with one of the participating businesses!

Make Contact:
I'll go through and add phone numbers to the Google map, but until that's up, you can find most numbers here:

It's for one day, from 11:00 in the morning to 8:00 at night, some folks start as late as 2:00, but it's important to stay till 8:00 if you can. The artists are expected to be in attendance, but not every great artist is a great socializer. If this is you, it might be possible to have a lower profile. Arrange it with the store owner ahead of time.
When you are in attendance, please be social! Artists who mingle and chat sell stuff, and it raises the fun factor for everyone.

The shop will provide what the State calls "substantial fare" - art opening staples like cheese, crackers, nuts, etc to complement the wine. The shop will either arrange a local winery to pour tastings, or will provide the wine itself.

John Hawks at Hawk's World Gallery has a list of interested artists. You can call him and ask to be added to the list. His number is (503) 474-2070. Or comment on the blog and link to some samples of your work!

Thursday, April 12, 2007

April ArtWalk

This month's Art and Wine Walk will be on Saturday, April 21st.

Click HERE to see the participating locations on a Google map.

Sunday, March 18, 2007

Dustpan Alley - March ArtWalk

I had a lot of fun doing it!

Hip Chicks Do Wine sent Nicole to pour, and she was great. Very personable and interesting, and since she's an art student we could talk art and art-school stuff between 'waves'. I was very pleased that I liked the wine, too!
Exactly three people showed an active interest in the art (my Prayer Machines), so I consider that a success, especially since one of them is a stone sculptor, and we seemed to share many interests.

Lots of really nice people came out, and I enjoyed talking with many of them. Our apple was pretty well hidden, so I got to play the "you're getting hotter, cold, cold, cold, you're boiling UP!" game which was pretty fun. It sort of forced an engagement with people who were doing the Hunt.

Regarding the hunt, it seems ideally tailored for kids who are accompanying their parents. Would it be possible to simply remove the wine-bottle-shaped "mystery gifts" if a minor wins?

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Hidden Treasures 3rd Saturday Art & Wine

Hidden Treasures will be featuring a, brand new to the art scene photographer, Rob Stephenson. This is Rob's gallery debut and we're really going green for the celebration. Of course, being that it's St. Patricks Day, might have just a wee bit to do with the green part. Yamhill Valley Vineyards will be here pouring and we'll, also, have some good Celtic music setting the mood for the not-to-be-missed party! See you here!

Monday, March 12, 2007

Dustpan Alley

Dustpan Alley is joining the Art Walk for the first time this month, and we're excited to be part of it.

Hip Chicks Do Wine will pour a red and white between 2 and 8. Of course, there'll be bread and cheese, perhaps a spread or two. :^)

The art on view will be wall-hanging assemblage sculptures from Philip Williamson's "Prayer Machine" series.

Currents Gallery

We have been closed for remodeling and are now reopen. This month we are featuring the work of our member Brenda Wagner. Brenda is a fused glass artist. Her show, I'm Seeing Red, features an eclectic mix of face masks, chess tables, and wall art. Please stop by , taste some wine, eat some great food and meet Brenda on the night of the Art Walk.

Sunday, March 11, 2007

March Art Walk

March's Art Walk will be March 17th, which is St. Patrick's day.

The treasure hunt will be for a Pot o' Gold: a large pot jampacked with gold-wrapped goodies from all the participating Art Walk shops. Participating players will have to match up numbered apples with the shop each apple's in, and all the completed entries will be thrown into a large bag, and the winning one will be drawn out by a leprechaun, who will notify the winner the next day of their fabulous fortune.

The Hotel Oregon is having a shindig (a ceilidh, in this instance), which should festive-up the street a bit.

McMinnville Art and Wine - 3rd Saturday

This is an announcement forum for the Art Walk we have in downtown McMinnville, Oregon, on the third Saturday of each month.

Wineries from the Willamette Valley pour samples of their wines, there're hors d'oeuvres to nosh on, and art to look at. This is an excellent opportunity to sample some great Oregon wines, and discover the ones you really like.
Often, the wine is being poured by the winery owner or the winemaker, and you can really discover what their philosophy is, and what sets their wines apart. It would take you the better part of a weekend to visit the dozen or so wineries pouring for ArtWalk!

The art shown ranges from crafts to fine art, and is largely local. Often, the artist is on hand to talk with visitors, and sometimes you can watch them work.

Personally, I've discovered Kristin Hill, Youngberg Hill and Stone Wolf at the Art Walk. Stone Wolf is the only one I'd noticed in the stores, so I consider that a nice return.